The Pink Lady Shrub

The Pink Lady Shrub

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8 oz

A North Carolina favorite, the Pink Lady apple is the star of this beverage. We use apples from Davis & Son Orchards in Lawndale, North Carolina, and cook down their fresh-pressed apple cider to make apple molasses. We pair this handcrafted natural sweetener with cider vinegar for a sweet and tart foundation. Undertones of fresh root-to-leaf ginger, hand-crushed Appalachian spicebush berries and bay laurel rounds out our take on Southern apple pie. The Pink Lady pairs beautifully with any aged spirit: whiskey, bourbon, brandy, or rum. Try it in your Manhattan, Hot Toddy, or Metropolitan. 

Ingredients: Pink Lady apple cider, filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar, apple molasses, ginger, spicebush berry, bay laurel