Freshlist Wholesale

Simplifying local sourcing for professional chefs.

Fresh like no other

Imagine your strawberries still resting in a field in Cabarrus County or your peaches clinging to branches down in York when you order them.

That level of freshness seems impossible in an industry where tractor trailers and distribution centers have wedged thousands of miles and countless middlemen between chef and farmer.

We believe there's a better way, and we're making it possible.

What makes us unique?

We know our farmers

Small, independent farms and the families that run them are at the core of everything we do at Freshlist. By working directly with our farmers and spending time with them in the field, we're able to bring our chefs closer to the people who grow your food.

Fresh AF

We believe the ingredients that come through the back door are what keep people coming through the front door. Our harvest-to-order way of doing business isn't easy, but it's how we've earned our reputation for delivering the freshest local ingredients possible.

Bountiful Variety

From single-source citrus in winter and wild ramps in spring to orange watermelon in summer and heirloom pumpkins in fall, the biodiversity of our region makes the Carolinas one of the best places for chefs to work with local ingredients.

Can we help your business source local ingredients?

Well, it depends. Are you serious about your craft? Do you recognize the critical role chefs play in changing our food system for the better? Do you want to discover new ingredients and techniques or simply learn the basics of what's in season and how to incorporate local into your menu without blowing up plate cost?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we'd love to welcome you to the Freshlist family!

(We won't judge you if answered no to all of those. Local isn't for everyone, and there are plenty of other options here.)

To learn more, tell us a little about yourself and your business using the form below, and our team will be in touch to help get you set up with access to our private B2B marketplace.