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Bacon, Pastured

1 pack

Salty and sweet, pastured smoked bacon can be served alongside your favorite breakfast pancakes or become the main ingredient in a BLT. Or consider using it to saute collard greens or other veggies.

Uncured, smoked, thick-cut bacon slices, avg 0.8 lb pack.

Please note: your item will arrive frozen to ensure product quality and safety.

Our friends at Colfax Creek Farm raise high-quality pastured pigs at their farm in Bostic, NC. "Our pigs enjoy their ability to meet their dietary needs by browsing the outdoors for roots, grubs, saplings, and grasses. We also supplement our pigs with a free-choice grain feed to ensure that they receive all of the necessary nutrients to be healthy." Colfax Creek pork is ethically raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics.