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Correll Farms

Correll Farms is recognized as an NC Century Farm by the NC Department of Agriculture and dates back to the late 19th century when Martha Correll purchased the land in Cleveland, NC for her son Franklin Edgar. The land passed through several generations as a dairy farm until 2005 when the family decided to transition to primarily vegetable production. Today, Franklin Edgar's great-grandson David and his wife Cheryl are happy to be raising their children Josie and Talton on the farm - Josie and Talton are the sixth generation of Corrells to call the farm home!

Currently, they raise about 30 acres of vegetables and 150 acres of soybeans and field corn using conventional growing methods. Hereford and Angus cows roam the pastures once occupied by the dairy cattle. In 2017, Talton decided to start raising chickens in order to sell eggs that make their way to Freshlist customers some weeks!


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