Fennel Vegan Cheese

Fennel Vegan Cheese

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8 oz

Fennel seeds, a common ingredient in Italian sausage, combined with lemon, turmeric, chili, lime, and chipotle may seem like an unlikely combination, but let Viva Raw assure you it is an explosion of flavors that can brighten any dish. The texture of their Fennel cheese is perfect for crumbling over roasted beets/veggies, arugula salad, veggie pizza, or gigante/white bean salad. Blend into your homemade vinaigrette to infuse its citrus and herbaceous components. The creaminess of this cashew-based cheese lends well to grate over creamy soups and purees. Try on your morning salmon lox bagel, in a grain bowl, or scrambled into eggs. No matter how you use Viva Raw’s Fennel cheese, you are surely going to experience something you never have before.

Ingredients: Cashews • Chickpea Miso • Fennel Seeds • Lemon-Pepper • Turmeric • Chili-Lime • Chipotle • Celtic Salt • Milk-Free Cultures