There's no shortage of grocery delivery services to choose from nowadays. You can have grocery store-quality fruits and veggies delivered to your door in a matter of hours with a few clicks of a button.

But what if you want more than just "grocery store-quality food"? What if you value environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, and small businesses? What if you value flavor, freshness, and eating with the seasons? 

Freshlist is building a better way to access good food grown by honest, hard-working family farmers in our community. We work directly with farmers and foodmakers to deliver the freshest food possible each week, so your loaf of bread came fresh from the bakery, and your plump, juicy tomatoes were plucked from the vine just a few hours before.

We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your values every time you buy groceries, and you shouldn't have to worry about whether the food you're eating was grown the right way. We believe in honesty and transparency over misleading buzz words, and we believe in the power of a strong, resilient local food system.

Ready to join us in our mission to cultivate a better food system:

  1. Sign up on freshlist.com
  2. Get to know the farmers and foodmakers we support
  3. Place your order by 3pm Tuesday, and have fresh, local groceries delivered to your door!
Our lawyers say we need to share this stuff, just so you know that we've got you covered.


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