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Canadian Bacon

8 oz

Canadian bacon is made from pork loin that has been brined in sea salt and cane sugar and then smoked. Leaner than traditional bacon made from pork belly, Firsthand Foods' Canadian bacon is juicy, tender, and full of smoky bacon goodness. We slice it especially thin so a little bit goes a long way. Try it in a wide variety of applications like as a side for breakfast, the main feature on a BLT, or a garnish on homemade pizza!

Firsthand Foods’ remarkable network of pork producers raise their hogs in fields and woodlots in eastern North Carolina. All farmers are members of the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association (a wholesale marketing cooperative certified by Animal Welfare Approved), never use growth-promoting antibiotics or added hormones, and grow their own non-GMO crops for feed. Hogs are all processed at Acre Station Meat Farm, a USDA-inspected Animal Welfare Approved small-scale, family-run facility in Pinetown.